Color Psychology: Which Color Converts The Best?

One of the most debated things in web design, sales, product research and marketing is the simple question, “Which color converts the best?”

Turns out it’s not a simple answer, and we keep learning more as studies send interesting data on the question.

Red means athletic dominance

A study of wrestling and Olympic athletes found that when all else was equal, as much as possible at least, those wearing red garments won more than those who were not.

In the study 19/29 of the rounds were won by wrestlers wearing red, when compared to those in the same weight classes wearing other colors.

Red in this case seems to be associated with winning.

If you’re making a site for athletes, or considering what color to pick for your school or team uniforms, try thinking about red, since it may give you an athletic advantage in the future.

Is orange really the best site button color?

Unbounce cites its own experience in an article explaining that orange is the best button color and that all buttons in the future will be orange.

But is this really true?

In the sense that having a button that contrasts with your background color, then yes, that is a good thing.

If you have an orange page and add an orange button, no one will even be able to click on it since they won’t be able to find it.

This is a good reminder that it is always important to think about the context before blindly following or implementing a strategy or test that worked for another company.

Choosing a contrasting button color is always a good idea, and the data is still coming in on what is the best.

Testing colors on your own site will help you figure out the best button color for your specific situation.

To be continued…

As we gather more color conversion data, we will update this page, so don’t forget to keep checking back so you and your site don’t miss out!

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